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Measuring the Impact of the Impact

In over 50% of the Training Programs that are done, feedback is not collected and/or reported. This is surprising considering the fact that its importance is acknowledged by all the stakeholders in the training ecosystem - the trainer, the participant and the training manager. First let us look at why it is not done and then at the impact.

Most of the times, Feedback is scheduled, and rightfuly so, at the end. By the time this scheduled slot is reached, there is invariably (a) time pressure and (b) a fatigue factor on both the participant and the trainer. Compounding this, is the fact that most trainer rely on pen- paper forms that need to be filled. The trainer then is burdened with the mundane, yet herculean, task of ensuring that they are filled, collated, analysed and then converted to a report form. It is obvious that each of the points in the process flow, has a potential fail point. Also, a lot of precious time that could be invested in preparing for the next training program is lost in this largely clerical task. It is therefore no wonder that in over 50% of programs this crucial piece of information is not taken care of.

From a layman's perspective, it would seem that this is 'no big deal'. Well this is far from true. However ritualistically done by the participant, feedback provides crucial inputs to the Trainer. Not only this, each feedback (and the associated report) along with the testimonial is an important marketing information for the Trainer (what better selling pitch than to showcase a array of successfully completed programs with fantastic testimonials). For the participant, this is an opportunity to not only comment/give feedback on the trainer, but also an important tool to share with the organization opinion on the relevancy and other details of the program on his/her development. Finally, for the Training Manager - this is the most crucial information from multiple perspectives. First, this is the best vendor partner rating information. Two, this is, in most cases is also a compliance related matter that needs to be taken care. And finally, assuming that the organization wants to do a ROI on training, this is the starting point.The impact of not taking a feedback, therefore hits your measurement of 'impact of training' !

It therefore is no exaggeration to state that Training Program feedback is perhaps the most important aspect of any good training process; not done it leaves a gaping hole.

UniTol Training Solutions has been working with the Trainer Community now for close to a decade and has developed a FREE Android based feedback App (Direct Link to the Free Training Feedback App – -) which lets you measure the impact of your training.


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