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About Training Feedback App

Every day, hundreds of Trainers across the world, facilitate the learning of the employees of their Client Systems – up skilling and reskilling them. And one thing that is commonly required for all these programs is a FEEDBACK at the end of the Training session. The Feedback is an important part of the whole process since it gives insights to the Provider (Trainer) as well as Recipients (the Employee/Learner and the Client) with an opportunity to evaluate, review and make changes (if any, as required). Not only that, in the Training Process, this Feedback is the first step, in what is the eventual computation of the ROI of the Training Process.

The Training Feedback is therefore not just a necessity but an important part of the development analytics both for the Trainer as well as the Client (the Organization)

Features- Training Feedback App

Our App for Training Feedback is loaded with features, not merely in terms of the reporting process but also in other ways that enhances value for the Trainer and the Organizations that make crucial choices in selecting and deploying the right trainers. The features, most of which are unique and available for the first time, including feedback on participants, QR based feedback initiation (aptly suitable for Virtual Training), invoicing and billing analytics, detailed feedback reports, all make this App the most suitable for Trainers as well as Organizations.

Digital Profile

Update on a real time basis, your Digital Trainer Profile, DigiTPro, with information on your programs, your ratings and testimonials



Share your latest profile (DigiTPro) with all the latest and updated information with your prospective clients



Generate your Training Invoices, with a click of button and mail directly to client



Generate comprehensive, single page Training Program Feedback


Participant Feedback

Provide, on a Client need basis, feedback on the participants



Initiate a continuous learning post program, through ParticipantConnect


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Training Feedback App is simple to use with multiple features which help the Trainers and Organizations in more ways than one. Watch the 2 minute video to see how this App works.